AutoVimation was founded in 2008 in Karlsruhe by Peter Neuhaus to provide solutions for convenient assembly and configuration of vision system components.

The costly and time-consuming production of dedicated mounting brackets is eliminated by the modular design of the mounts, which facilitates the installation of cameras, illuminators and accessories.

Each element is equipped with a mechanical adapter (MMVI Interface) and can be attached using autoVimation brackets.

The company includes compact housings adapted to most cameras on the market. They provide optimal protection for cameras and lenses in industrial conditions, and ensure good heat dissipation. The autoVimation range also includes complete adaptable kits for popular applications: laser triangulation, dimensional control, solar panel inspection.

The manufacturer offers special water-cooled housings and designed for work in conditions of high dustiness (the air nozzle ensures the cleanliness of the lens).

The recipients of autoVimation products are reputable companies from various industry sectors, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries, measurement technologies, quality control and security.