Global Laser

Global Laser is a designer and manufacturer of specialized laser diode modules covering a wide range of applications.

It specializes in a wide OEM range, with high performance, reliability of laser products for use in many niche applications including machine vision, medicine, measurement, positioning, science and military.

Standard products from a wide range are available in various options: red, green, blue, as well as infrared up to 200 mW. Optical outputs include elliptical and round spots, lines, crosses and diffraction optics. Built-in control electronics provide excellent power stability over time and temperature, as well as a number of modulation functions that are unmatched on the market.

However, if the application requires it, Global Laser offers services tailored to meet specific requirements.

We offer a full range of mounts, holders, rails, cables, power supplies, laser drive electronics and protective goggles.

Global Laser has meets the requirements of ISO9001.