Latab is a Swedish company that provides various types of lighting solutions used in machine vision. Latab products are characterized by simplicity and solidity of manufacture, as well as a wide range, developed in terms of available sizes and colors of LED light.

LAT elektronik AB has been on the vision market since 1988. From the very beginning, the company focused on the production of solutions for the needs of vision and quality control. A few years after starting operations, the first LED illuminators joined the Latab offer. These constructions were so successful that over the years, the Latab portfolio has grown to nearly 2,000 different types of illuminators. Among them are both standard front, rear, line and ring illuminators as well as special constructions e.g. illuminators with RGB diodes or linear illuminators in the square. Additionally, at the client’s request, it is possible to create custom solutions.

Currently, Latab illuminators are available under the Polytec brand.