The Swivellink product range includes mounting brackets designed to attach industrial components, including vision system components.

The first Swivellink products were designed to provide an ergonomic and durable way of mounting operator panels (including e.g. buttons) on custom production lines. The handles provided adequate protection for expensive components while allowing quick disassembly of the system when needed. After the success of the first products, new solutions entered the offer, including mounting plates for cameras and vision sensors used in various types of inspection systems. The next step was the introduction to the offer of the XS series, i.e. definitely slimmed products, still characterized by the same high rigidity, required for the solid vision system.

Currently, Swivellink’s product range includes both entire assembly systems for components and vision systems, as well as individual assembly elements, such as connectors, joints or mounting plates, thanks to which everyone can configure the handle for the needs of their solution. Swivellink offer also includes holders for monitors, control buttons, robot arms and other elements of production lines.

Each product is made of 6061 anodized aluminium and has a laser marking on it.