TPL Vision

LED power leading to effective lighting

All products developed by TPL Vision were designed using high-power LEDs. These diodes can generate very intense light streams that enable excellent visibility and reading of hard to see areas. Even in remote locations, TPL Vision LED illuminators can help the camera conduct excellent quality control, or support any other vision application with very beneficial effects.

LEDs – improved lighting:

• Supply and uniformity of light

• From infrared to ultraviolet

• Low and optimized energy consumption

• The longest life using LEDs from leading brands

• Easy integration

A wide range of products is constantly improved

To meet industry requirements in the field of machine vision, TPL Vision is based on LED technology, thereby developing powerful illuminators with diffused or homogeneous directional light, depending on the type of application.

All TPL Vision illuminators belong to individual product ranges: line, ring, spot, dome, backlight, special, UV illuminators – all of them are available in different colours (wavelength: from ultraviolet to infrared) and in different IP versions.