1″ Camera System: Advantages and Recommendations

Sensors with higher resolutions are increasingly popular and a good choice for a number of applications in industrial image processing. The latest 1″ sensors often provide higher image quality along with faster speed at the same or even increased pixel sizes.

It’s important to look at these sensors’ format very closely. If you switch from a 1/3″ or 2/3″ to a 1″ camera system, for example, this might not only change the sensor size and corresponding image circle but also have an effect on the working distance. To prevent a reduction in the image quality, the lens should be coordinated with the sensor size. The Basler Lens Selector provides valuable help with the necessary calculations.

This Marketing Note uses an example in surface inspection to show the differences between a PYTHON 5000 CMOS sensor by ON Semiconductor and an ICX625 CCD sensor from Sony with the aid of EMVA data and comparative images. You can also find recommendations on what you should consider in regards to suitable optics when switching to a 1″ setup and what kinds of 1″ lenses the Basler portfolio can offer you.

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