5GigE Components for Your Vision System Solution

The familiar small format, five times the speed, and compatibility of all hardware and software components are the core competencies of Basler’s new 5GigE product range. Twelve new ace 2 camera models, matching lenses, cables and PC cards, as well as the newly expanded pylon Camera Software Suite enable an easy upgrade from USB 3.0 setups or the 1:1 replacement of an existing GigE system.

The same 29 mm x 29 mm size combined with five times faster Gigabit Ethernet data transmission—the ace 2 Basic camera is the centerpiece of Basler’s new 5GigE portfolio. Offering a range of performance to meet customers’ needs, six models are equipped with Sony’s 4th generation Pregius S CMOS sensors IMX540, IMX541 and IMX542 for high resolutions of 24, 20 and 16 megapixels. Six other models with IMX545, IMX546 and IMX547 sensors offer medium resolutions of 12, 8 and 5 megapixels. Both are available in mono and color variants.

The components of Basler’s 5GigE portfolio

Basler places particular emphasis on coordinating all components in its Vision portfolio. The 5GigE solution includes five compatible product groups:

  • Cameras: ace 2 Basic with 5GigE interface

  • Lenses: Basler Premium Lenses C23 and C11

  • PC cards for connecting the cameras to the host PC: N-Base-T 10GigE Interface Card 1 port

  • Cable: GigE cable up to 50 meters for error-free transmission of image data; I/O cable up to 10 meters for precise control of the camera or vision system

  • Software: pylon Camera Software Suite in the enhanced GigE version as overarching SDK for seamless integration of all 5GigE components

Additional accessories such as: network and peripheral devices, a tripod connection, mount adapters, or trigger boards are also available for the new 5GigE camera versions.

The small unchanged format offers easy replacement or upgrades for your vision system.

The well-known small form factor of the ace 2 product line remains unchanged with the new 5GigE interface, allowing customers to smoothly replace the camera in their vision system. Upgrading an existing GigE system to 5GigE can be realized without additional new hardware; upgrading a USB 3.0 system requires only minimal effort. The higher data transmission allows customers to achieve higher throughput in factory automation and agriculture, as well as in sports and motion analysis.

Our customers want efficient solutions for their applications. That’s why the reliable interaction of all components of our 5GigE portfolio is a priority for us: it simplifies the operation of the camera setup, saves time during integration, and reduces overall system costs on the customer side,” explains Felix Chemnitz, Product Market Manager at Basler.

Detailed information on the individual components of Basler’s 5GigE portfolio is described on Basler’s website