A new version of Adaptive Vision Studio is now available

A new version of Adaptive Vision Studio 4.8 have been officially released. The update introduces a number of changes and improvements.

The biggest changes were made in internal stuff – software have been ported to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and to C++11/17 programming language. Also installation packages have been re-implemented from scratch. These are invisible things, but will improve performance and reliability, especially on modern processors.

An ongoing theme in Adaptive Vision’s development is the “ease of use”. In this area have been added two new experimental program views, improved static program analysis, added “Iterate Back” button and implemented a new way of creating program visualizations (now directly in the HMI, without drawing filters).

An important development theme is also 3D applications. With the new version you are getting a number of improvements. The top one is a new data structure – Surface, which is more efficient than Point3DGrid and makes it much easier to implement 2.5D algorithms. Such algorithms are highly useful for quality inspection applications.

Coming soon is a new product – Deep Learning Add-on, which is almost ready for deployment. More news on that topic in August.