All the Pieces in Place – The Basler dart and its Accessories

Basler dart board level cameras are small, light, affordable and feature the latest camera technology in accordance with the USB3 Vision Standard. They can easily be integrated into your machine vision system and offer convenient plug and play functionality.

Anyone already using Basler dart board level camera knows that Basler offer a broad, 100% harmonized range of accessories for it. This includes for example our C-mount Basler Lenses for sensors smaller than 1/2″, as well as additional 1/3″ and 1/2″ S-mount lenses. A spacer ring is available to make it possible to use the dart CS-mount camera variant with Basler Lenses. Furthermore, a USB 3.0 cable, USB 3.0 cards and an I/O adapter board for easy work with the I/O signals are part of the catalog.

A complete overview of suitable accessories designed especially for the dart can be found here.