Applications for Time-of-Flight Cameras in Robotics, Logistics and Medicine

3D technology is being used in a growing range of fields. There are a variety of methods for obtaining three-dimensional data about objects and scenes. One of these technologies is known as Time-of-Flight, or ToF. ToF Cameras offer benefits in many different fields, including logistics, robotics and medicine. The individual applications range from palleting tasks and automated guided vehicles to patient positioning. Following White Paper provides a brief introduction to ToF technology, explores how it differs from other 3D technologies and explains how ToF can enrich individual applications. You must read it!

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New White Paper answers the following questions:

  • How precisely does the Time-of-Flight method work?
  • What are the differences between the individual 3D technologies?
  • How can ToF Cameras be used in logistics, robotics and medicine?
  • What benefits does ToF technology offer?

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