autoVimation – camera housings

Robust and secure enclosures

AutoVimation is one of the Machine Vision leaders for industrial camera enclosures. Offering of wide range of camera protection solutions, AutoVimation makes sure you can properly choose the right protection of your critical optical hardware for your application. Easy to setup, dovetail-equipped enclosures make the integration process pretty seamless and give clients a number of flexible options for future’s painless enhancements or configuration changes.

Enclosures are not the first components to think of when setting up a system, but they’re a vital part of most applications nonetheless. Increased protecion, better adjustability and other advantages make the integration easier and, most importantly, your system is simply secure for any environmental occurrings that might touch it during normal operation, even including unauthorized ingressions or tweak attempts.

Key features

AutoVimation enclosures profit from following technical advantages:

versatility of models – wide range of series for different conditions and for different camera sizes.
plug and play – set up a system within minutes with simple mechanic system
modularity – easy to adapt or interchange with other MV components without changing whole setup
heat dissipation – patented Quick-Lock / Heat-Guide clamping system makes your camera dissipate heat securely even in the most demanding conditions
• mounting flexibiity – position the camera just at the right place with large selection of mounting accessory options
easy mounting – adjust the working distance or angle of rotation freely
robust cable glands
– variety of available cable gland options, including no-cut plug solutions like fibers or dragchain/flex cable assemblies,
protection – high IP level and chemical resistance thanks to the highest quality materials
compact size – easy integration into existing systems
reliability – mechanical robustness for rough industrial conditions

General purpose enclosures

For standard machine vision applications:
housing – IP66 protection for 29x29mm or 30x30mm cross-section minature cameras with lenses up to 30mm provide a safe enclosure for the smallest cameras

Salamander housing – cylindrical inner shape for cameras up to 29x47mm to 40x40mm cross section. Easily expandable with available housing extensions. Great heat dissipation compared to free assembly with up to 20°C

Orca housing – enclosures for larger cameras up to 62x62mm cross section with the possibility to use an adapter plates to fit a smaller camera. Large 3” window and 65mm aperture diameter allow to use wide-angle lenses.

Gecko housing – same dimensions as Salamander but thinner walls give just a little more space for cameras then Salamander series

Mammoth housing– for large cameras up to 90x150mm cross-section with available in 180, 250 and 300mm internal length variants. Compatible with autoVimation’s Machine-Vision Construction Kit

Chameleon housing– protection for cameras with sideways viewing direction. Available with or without lens tube. Different sizes available and the size can be adjusted futher with lens tube.

Salamander housing

Hygienic Special series

For hygienically demanding applications like pharmaceutical and food industry:

Feuersalamander housing – IP 66 and 67 protection and great heat dissipation and AISI 316L stainless steel perfect for the toughest conditions. Compatible camera sizes range from 47×29 to 40x40mm cross-section.

Dolphin housing – Upgraded IP 69K rating compared to Feuersalamander. Compatible with 40×40 cross section cameras. Shark – enclosures made with high grade stainless steel with IP69K protection for cameras up to 62x62mm cross-sections

Piranha housing – highest MV standard regarding hygenic applications with IP69K standard. Suitable for high-pressure washdown and decontamination with aggressive cleaning agents. Meeting stricktest quality control goals in food-safe and legally compliant laser placement with high adjustability.

Dolphin housing

Special series

When your application requires non-standard solutions, autoVimation gets you covered with housings specially designed for the most unusual conditions. Protective enclosures are also available for non-standard cameras to keep your components safe at all times:

Nautilus housing – developed for under-water TV production with IP68 rating, with the same size as Orca M, every critical part of the enclosure is fitted with a double seal to ensure that if one fails, there’s always another to keep camera safe

Megalodon housing – housing for cameras with 62x62mm cross section, features double window with germanium and glass is available as an accessory for IR cameras.

Turtle housing – special series designed for outdoor applications such as solar industry. Especially useful for working in the hardest environments like deserts with ambient temperatures up to 70°C and up to 1kW solar radiation. Peltier cooling system monitors the temperature permanently and is able to prevent serious damage by turning off the camera to prevent failure.

Protective laser enclosures– made for typical MV-Lasers with 19/20mm diameter with length ranging from 120 to 180mm. Proficient heat dissipation is ensured by incorporating special mounting ring holding the laser inside the enclosure. Often used with triangulation setups with 3D camera within Orca to the rail. Mounting avilable using mounting kits directly to the machine or using dovetail profile using mounting brackets.

Turtle housing