Basler cameras compliant with EMVA 1288

The EMVA 1288 Standard has been developed by the European Machine Vision Association with the goal of standardizing image quality and sensitivity measurements for Machine Vision cameras and sensors. Based on this standard Basler’s cameras are tested and their EMVA-Data is generated. This document will give you an overview of the most relevant EMVA-Data (Quantum Efficiency, Temporal Dark Noise, Saturation Capacity, Dynamic Range, Signal to Noise Ratio) of monochrome Basler area scan camera series ace, aviator, beat, pilot and scout.

In this document, you will find:

  • a brief description of the five most relevant EMVA-parameters,
  • a consolidated EMVA-Data overview by sensor and…
  • an overview which sensor is featured in which Basler camera model.

You have to read: EMVA Data Overview.