Basler dart – top performance, miniature size

New Basler dart cameras are designed for embedded vision applications. With top performing hardware and Basler Software Suite, dart series is a perfect choice for vision applications like factory automation and embedded systems. Dart compliance with Machine vision standard interfaces like USB 3.0, and MIPI CSI-2 makes the performance top-notch and the integration process seamless.

Parameters of dart camera:

Broad range of available dart models enables you to choose the most suitable imaging conditions just for your application.

  • Resolution range spans from 1.2 MP to 13 MP
  • Frame rates can reach up to 170 fps
  • Available mono and color versions
  • External triggering capabilities (hardware trigger software trigger) or free run
  • Non-volatile settings make your system configuration persistent

OEM form factor


Small yet capable – Basler dart cameras offer excellent imaging, low energy requirements and compact size, especially important in challenging environments and are a great solution for factory automation, robotics, medical & life sciences, especially in projects of custom design or high volume.



Embedded processing interfaces allow for plug-and-play setup with MV standard interfaces like USB3.0. Thanks to an alternate, board-level interface, BCON for MIPI, integration can be designed as tightly bound to the device’s internals, without any compromise on performance and usage conditions.

Batteries included

Basler dart series is also available in dev kits – including lens, cable, BCON for MIPI to Mini SAS adapter and the camera module itself, making it easy to evaluate Basler camera module.

Dev kits are available with the following dart camera models:

  • daA2500-60mci-IMX8
  • daA4200-30mci-IMX8
  • daA2500-14uc

Quality for optimal price

Modern sensor technology is capable of achieving the highest acquisition parameters. Basler dart cameras are available in several configurations, including the excellent Sony IMX548 BSI Pregius S 4th-generation sensor. Pioneering design of BSI sensors with modified pixel architecture helps to achieve high sensitivity by increasing the amount of light absorbed by each pixel. By using the sensor surface more efficiently and increasing pixel density BSI sensors are high resolution. This results in compact and light sensors especially suitable for solutions requiring great precision in demanding conditions.


Basler offers OEM oriented accessories with the highest compatibility with the dart series including lenses, cables, PC cards, network and peripheral devices as well as various mounting options. All the matching accessories are extensively tested to ensure consistent performance with Basler dart cameras.


Basler Embedded Software

Enablement packages for many platforms are available including Appropriate Camera Enablement Packages, Board Support Packages, Debian packages and Yocto recipes. Numerous C++/Python code examples are available to get your system up and running promptly.

Basler Pylon Suite

Many operating systems including Windows and Linux (both x86 and ARM versions) are supported. Pylon Suite helps to set up your dart camera in a quick and easy way. The software toolchain offers a complete system with a variety of options to make sure all the camera parameters are fully under your control.

Lens selection options

Basic mount options include S-mount and CS-mount variants with housing. Bareboard versions are also available for maximum flexibility when setting up your system. No matter the requirements, you can choose standard mounting options or choose a custom bareboard variant for a custom solution of your choice.


Basler dart series is truly an exceptional choice for embedded vision systems and other demanding applications when cost and size are the concerns. Excellent performance, many compatible accessories, great software availability, miniature size and power efficiency are the most prominent highlights, that make the cameras stand out firmly from competitors.