Basler racer – 2k and 4k Line Scan Cameras Ready to Rumble

This month, we’re starting series production of our 2k racer line scan cameras. Our 4k models will follow soon but you can start ordering them now, for evaluation and for standard delivery.

The racer line’s powerful combination of features includes:

  • A small footprint – just 56 mm wide and 62 mm high
  • Advanced sensor technology for excellent image quality
  • An attractive price point
  • Choice of Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link interface
  • Newest line scan sensors, based on highly sensitive CMOS technology
  • Line rates of up to 48 kHz via Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 80 kHz with the Camera Link interface
  • High image quality, low noise, quantum efficiency around 60%
  • Low-power-consumption CMOS sensors
  • Innovative head-dissipation concept that cools more efficiently than conventional line camera systems, and creates better image quality

PoCL Saves You Money The Camera Link models feature Power over Camera Link (PoCL), with data and power carried by the same cable. This means you don’t need as many accessories, and you have a simpler system that is less likely to fail. Mini Camera Link accessories are cheaper than regular Camera Link equipment, which saves you even more money, especially in larger systems.
Coming Soon: Models With 6, 8, and 12k Resolutions Watch for us at the VISION Stuttgart Show in November, where we will roll out more models with 6, 8, and 12k resolutions. This expanded offering of racer cameras completes our coverage of the whole spectrum of standard line scan cameras, so that you will easily find a racer camera for your application!

Save the date!

New racer series will be presented at VISION Stuttgart show (November 6-8, 2012, booth 1E42).