Chromasens – color cameras for linear scanning

Chromasens GmBH is a supplier of advanced line cameras, illuminators and software for precise, industrial color analysis and observation of 2D colored objects. The range of Chromasens cameras is addressed to various industries – from electronics and semiconductor control, food control, print control, to medical engineering and security technologies.

Chromasens GmbH was founded in 2004 and currently produces industrial solutions for image processing in a wide range of applications. Its offer includes, among others color line cameras, multispectral line cameras, 3D line cameras, as well as dedicated line illuminators and software that allows you to fully use the potential of the cameras.

Chromasens has won many awards in the field of innovative technologies, incl. in 2007, the company received the Siemens AG Industrial Solutions and Services Award, and in 2011 – again from Siemens AG – the “Star Supplier 2011” award for innovation in the class of mobile infrastructure and logistics. Chromasens has been a member of Lakesight Technologies since May 2017, which was acquired by TKH Group NV at the end of 2018.

Range of products

Linear scanning cameras are the focal point of the Chromasens range. They are used primarily for inspection of objects on conveyor belts as they can provide a high definition image of even infinitely long material and fast-moving objects. The Chromasens line-up camera range consists of four models for a variety of applications:

  • allPIXA evo

Color line camera with a resolution of up to 15k pixels. Thanks to its Dual 10GigE interface, the allPIXA evo line camera offers great machine and system integration options: cable lengths over 300 m (optical fiber) and high link speed up to 48 kHz at 10,240 pixels in full color space (RGB). Equipped with line and frame triggering options, variable encoder input and color conversion capabilities, the allPIXA evo is the first choice for all high speed and resolution network control and printing applications. For easy integration, allPIXA evo comes with an intuitive graphics tool and SDK for camera control and image capture on Windows and Linux.

  • allPIXA wave

The allPIXA wave cameras are equipped with the world’s first high resolution four-line RGB True Color sensor (up to 15360px). Chromasens allPIXA Wave 10k and 15k ensure image quality of CCD sensors with CMOS performance, and also offer additional system flexibility in the form of increased scan line lengths up to 15,000 x 4 lines, with line frequencies peaking at a maximum speed of 47.72 kHz at 850 megapixels / s.

  • allPIXA pro

The allPIXA pro is the world’s fastest trilinear, line scan color CCD camera, combining the outstanding image quality of CCD sensors with extremely high line speeds. Line lengths up to 3 x 7,300 pixels and a maximum speed previously unattainable of 104.5 kHz offer maximum flexibility in virtually any application. In addition, the three-line CCD technology ensures exceptional color fidelity and the absolute best image quality.

  • allPIXA

The allPIXA camera is an extremely fast 3-line CCD color camera. It combines very good image quality of CCD sensors with high line acquisition frequencies. Available in resolutions up to 3 x 7,300 pixels and a maximum speed of 110 kHz, they offer great flexibility for a variety of applications. Moreover, the trilinear CCD technology ensures exceptional color fidelity and image quality.

In addition to the standard color line cameras, the Chromasens product range also includes 3D line cameras unique on the market. Chromasens 3DPIXA is a line camera that enables industrial 3D inspection with high resolution. Thanks to the unique combination of linear scanning technology and fast 3D stereo calculations, the camera provides both 3D data and color images simultaneously.

Despite the advanced technologies, 3DPIXA cameras allow easy integration with standard image processing libraries. Thanks to the accessible Chromasens 3D API interface, 3D data is available to virtually any other Windows software environment.

Chromasens also offers specialized solutions dedicated to the precise color analysis of the observed objects:

  • chromaPIXA 2k

The Chromasens chromaPIXA line camera enables stable color measurement in a wide range of extended color spaces, greatly simplifying further image processing. The chromaPIXA output in the CIE-L * a * b * format allows the determination of color differences in relation to the perception of the human eye. ChromaPIXA is calibrated using the intuitive chromaCalc software and is compatible with all standard color cards.

By transmitting images in the LAB space, chromaPIXA 2K provides highly reproducible results in color analysis systems. The continuously operating white balance guarantees a stable white point that adapts very well to the light source used in the application and takes into account minor color changes resulting from the degradation of the light source, temperature changes and external lighting conditions.

The color calibration system internally converts the spectral response of the CCD sensor to match sRGB, eciRGB, AdobeRGB, CIE-L * a * b * or CIE-XYZ standards in real-time. The camera can be used with both C-mount and F-mount lenses.

  • truePIXA

truePIXa are multispectral line cameras. They are perfect for color measurements on two-dimensional objects, especially for print control, both in on-line and off-line systems. TruePIXA cameras are equipped with 12 selective spectral sensors that simultaneously scan the object in the entire visible range. The resulting spectral images provide precise spatial-spectral measurements of your choice: over the entire image or in any areas of interest. Thanks to a resolution of up to 3500 pixels per channel and a linear frequency of 21.1 kHz, the cameras achieve high image accuracy at speeds of up to 6 meters per second.

In combination with Chromasens Corona II lighting, truePIXA cameras guarantee high color accuracy. CORONA II LED linear illuminators combine homogeneity of light distribution with light intensity up to 2,500,000 lux, thanks to which truePIXA line scan cameras can operate at a much higher speed than conventional models. Designed for precise color control, the illuminators have an even spectral response similar to standard daylight lighting. The emitted LED light is focused using a mirror system to obtain the optimal light shape and spectral uniformity, resulting in a significant reduction of chromatic aberrations.

The offer also includes cameras adapted to imaging in the SWIR wave range. The AllPIXA SWIR is the first line camera in the allPIXA family of Chromasens, scanning in the near infrared (SWIR). The modern InGaAs sensor in a compact housing enables easy integration into many types of vision applications. AllPIXA SWIR offers an uncooled sensor with a resolution of 1k and a pixel size of 12.5 μm and a line collection frequency of 40 kHz. Interfaces compatible with GenICam and GigE Vision enable the use of a rich database of image processing libraries.