Cost – Effective CoaXPress – BitFlow Aon-CXP

BitFlow is presenting a new, low cost CoaXPress frame grabber for machine vision applications: Aon-CXP.

While Aon-CXP looks tiny, it has all the power of its big brother, the Cyton. It supports CXP camera speeds up to 6.25 Gb/S. The technology that Machine Vision components are built on are advancing rapidly in performance, while size and costs are plummeting. CoaXPress cameras, which traditionally were power hungry, large and expensive, are now small, cool and affordable. The Aon CXP has been designed for this low cost/high performance market.

The Aon-CXP employs BitFlow’s Gen 2.0 x2 PCI Express bus interface that doubles the data rate of the Gen 1.0 bus. It also has BitFlow’s StreamSync acquisition engine and buffer manager that efficiently supports variable sized images with fast context switching between frames.

The Aon-CXP is software compatible with other current BitFlow frame grabbers so migrating applications from Camera Link or analog to CXP is trouble-free.

BitFlow is a leading manufacturer of analog, digital, Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers, existing on the market since 1993.

More informations and accurate informations are available on AVICON and BitFlow website.