Discover Basler Video Recording Software

The new Basler Video Recording Software makes it very easy and intuitive to take single images and to record high-speed videos as well as image or video sequences for time-lapse analysis. It comes with each Basler PowerPack for Microscopy and all Basler USB 3.0 cameras can be connected. In addition to an easy installation and a very user-friendly software design, the Basler Video Recording Software also provides camera control features to enhance image quality, to set up different options for recording and to use hardware trigger signals.

In combination with the high framerates of Basler cameras, the Basler Video Recording Software enables you to capture slow motion videos, e.g. for motion analysis investigation of fast-moving objects. It also offers time-lapse video or image capturing particularly useful for microscopy. You can take uncompressed image sequences for further analysis and processing. In addition, you can record time-lapse videos in Mpeg4 format, for tasks such as monitoring processes and changes in microscope samples, which is useful in material science or process documentation in industrial applications.

The Basler Video Recording Software even offers the ability to take images and videos by using hardware trigger signals. For that, an external trigger cable must be connected to the I/O port of the camera.

Download the Basler Video Recording Software now on Basler’s website to run it with your Basler Microscopy Camera or other Basler USB 3.0 cameras.

For more information please contact the AVICON Sales team or visit Basler’s website.