Dual magnification telecentric lens from Opto Engineering

TCDP PLUS series integrate camera sensors from 1/3” to 4/3”. They are a perfect choice both for precise measurement of components with different dimensions and for applications where same measurement accuracy for imaging both a complete part and its small detail is required. No moving mechanism is needed so the lenses ensure full magnification repeatability with no need of post-zoom recalibration.


Key advantages

    • Perfect measurement accuracy

TCDP PLUS telecentric lenses produce two images at different magnifications to cover an extended range of your product dimensions with the same accuracy.

    • Revolutionary flexibility

281 possible combinations allow to personalize and order the TCDP PLUS lens fitting YOUR needs.

    • Smart cost reduction

Solving two vision tasks with one lens involves less components and lowers the vision system cost.

    • Off-the-shelf lenses tailored for your needs

Get a standard product customized for your application with no price or lead time increase.

TCDP PLUS lens helps to cut your vision system’s costs: you integrate one lens instead of two thus require a single kit of illumination and mounting. TCDP PLUS can be mounted on CMHO clamping mechanics and paired with LTCLHP collimated illuminators as well as LTRN ring illuminators designed for standard TC series.

Application examples

  • imaging an electronic board with two different cameras
  • imaging a screw with two different cameras