EBAR Curve now available

The latest lighting from TPL Vision – EBAR Curve is now available. Presented in 2017, the device takes all advantages of the idea of the Curve Concept, providing homogeneous lighting throughout the working field.

The EBAR Curve is a high power LED solution. It has been developed to ease the integration process and helps you achieve the best balance between brightness and homogeneity. The curve effect works by reducing the saturated light spot in the centre of a cameras Field of View . By reducing this spot, uniform illumination across the FoV can be achieved. This new development in machine vision illumination allows for smaller barlights to be used, giving you savings spatially and economically. With the EBAR Curve, you know that the bar length you need is equivalent to the FoV width.


By using manually adjustable Curve settings the curve effect can be easily changed. At its maximum, the product will have the peak homogeneity, while at its minimum, the product will have the peak brightness.

For more information please contact the AVICON Sales team or visit product page.