Firmware Release for the New Basler ace Models – Now with PGI and GigE Vision 2.0

The new, full firmware release for all new ace models with sensors from the Sony Pregius series and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor features both the well-known and powerful sequencer feature as well as the unique in-camera image optimization PGI. It also supports the latest Vision standard, GigE Vision 2.0.

The Basler PGI feature set is comprised of a unique feature combination of improved sharpness, denoising, color-anti-aliasing and 5×5 debayering and allows for a very high image optimization at the full speed of the camera. Thus you get the best pictures directly from your camera without putting additional load on your processor. As another highlight, the new firmware supports the latest Vision standard, GigE Vision 2.0. This standard expands the possibilities for the GigE interface. GigE Vision 2.0 allows multi-camera systems to be synchronized more precisely and/or run in real time. One important component of GigE Vision 2.0 is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). PTP standardizes the path – down to the nanosecond – used by components within the system to synchronize their time settings. The new firmware release is topped off by the sequencer feature that allows users to save multiple settings in the camera and switch very rapidly between them.

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