Hyperspectral camera – new control capabilities

Avicon, thanks to a grant received from the Regional Programme of the Masovian Voivodeship, conducts research on the classification of objects using data from hyperspectral cameras. Unlike commonly used three-channel RGB cameras, they provide information divided into several hundred bands. This allows you to carry out measurements and inspections that are not yet feasible. A series of devices allow image acquisition in a wide wavelength range (400nm- 5.3 μm).

Hyperspectral cameras, along with proprietary analytical software, are used in many applications:

  • Recognition and classification of raw materials (distinguishing between plastic and natural types, minerals)
  • Non-contact humidity measurements
  • Quality control (including fruit maturity) of food products
  • Precise colourimetric measurements
hyperspectral camera

If you have unresolved control tasks that can be completed by hyperspectral imaging, please contact us. In our laboratory, we will conduct tests and prepare a feasibility study.