Modern CMOS Technology Beats CCD Sensors in Traffic Applications

Modern CMOS technology has been used primarily in classic machine vision applications in factory automation or optical inspections. However, it is being used increasingly more often in other situations and applications. In industrial and network cameras for complex traffic systems, for example, Sony’s IMX174 and IMX249 sensors offer magnificent characteristics. Thanks to a large dynamic range, low noise, higher sensitivity in the visible and near infrared areas, and Global Shutter technology, the Basler ace and IP cameras, equipped with these sensors, have met the two largest challenges of ITS: changing light conditions and high speeds. And with CMOS, smearing is also no longer an issue. 

The ace models with both sensors perfectly complement one another. On the one hand, Basler portfolio includes cameras that deliver excellent pictures with Sony’s IMX174, as well as a high frame rate of up to 155 images per second with a resolution of 2.3 MP. Depending on the required cable length, either USB 3.0 or GigE are the recommended interfaces. 

On the other hand, ace models with Sony’s IMX249 sensor offer a very attractive alternative in terms of price for a multitude of applications that do not absolutely require high frame rates.

Basler current marketing note summarizes how traffic applications profit from the improvements of the sensors.