New Accessory: I/O Cables for ace USB 3.0 Models

Basler ace cameras with USB 3.0 interface come equipped with two different types of digital I/Os: The opto-coupled I/O port is robust and largely impervious to disruptions. The GPIO (General purpose input/output) pin is very fast and is used with a 5 Volt (TTL) current.

To allow for safe, trouble-free use of the I/Os, Basler now offers two cables for isolated I/O usage on the ace USB 3.0 model: One for use with opto-coupled I/Os (blue)  and one for the GPIOs (yellow). Both cables are 10 meters long, feature the familiar Hirose 6-pin plug and one open end.

To ensure that your application works optimally, Basler recommends that you use not only the I/O cable but also the following accessory parts for Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras:

A complete overview of Basler accessories portfolio can be found in Basler accessories database.