New bar light for robotics

New LED bar among TPL Vision’s range, the Essential EBAR+ LINK is equipped with a specific wiring and can be directly connected to the camera, without any power limit. If necessary, the light can be easily powered in 24V, thanks to a second connector. Whatever the camera model, there is no power limit any more. And with a third connector, you can even link the bar lights between themselves, for an optimized synchronization of all the equipment. Either in continuous or strobe mode, the Essential EBAR+ LINK has very short rising times : 15 µs. And the new open groove on the back enables the easy mounting of the bar in the machine vision system, either with screws or nuts.

The Essential EBAR+ LINK can be customized as far as dimensions, colours, lenses, diffusers and cable lengths are concerned. It is manufactured and shipped within 6 working days. As for the whole product range, the Essential EBAR+ LINK has a 3-year warranty and can be rented for free.