New camera IC-X25S-CXP from ISVI

ISVI has a new high-speed high-resolution camera in the portfolio – IC-X25S-CXP. This camera is equipped in high-performance CMOS sensor with global shutter and resolution 25MP ensuring 5120×5120 pixels images. In addition to high resolution,  IC-X25S-CXP allows for acquisition speed of 72 fps and comes with small form factor (80 x 80 x 36.55 mm) making this camera ideal choice for compact applications with high requirements for speed and quality.

Other features:

  • PRNU Correction
  • Defect Pixel Correction
  • 2 User Areas for Calibration
  • Storage Exposure Delay
  • Strobe Out Delay
  • Programmable ROI
  • F-mount, M42, M58, M72, LM (Leica-M)
  • 4.5 µm² pixel size
  • 8-bit output
  • CXP-3, CXP-6 : 1,2 and 4 Links
  • CoaXPress 1.0 std
  • GenICam XML
  • Monochrome, Ext.NIR & Bayer Color