New Generation of 3D Frame Grabbers

Euresys is presenting a new frame grabber to fast 3D profiling: Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE. It enables users to build higher-performance 3D vision measurement systems at a lower cost by selecting the camera, lighting, optics and image processing solutions that are best suited for their application.

At a glance:

    • Laser line extraction with zero host CPU usage
    • Real-time generation of 16-bit 3D height maps
    • Choice of algorithms: Maximum, Peak, Center of Gravity
    • Precision: up to 1/256 pixel (with Peak and COG algorithms)
    • Performance: 19,000 profiles/s from 1024 x 128 images. 38,000 profiles/s from 1024 x 64 images

Euresys is a leading supplier of video acquisition and processing components for machine vision and video surveillance applications, with more than 20 years of imaging expertise.

More informations and accurate informations are available on Euresys website.