New Mounting Kits for Colibri enclosures

autoVimation is presenting new mounting kits for Colibri enclosures. This set is a great solution in prototyping process, thus it indirectly allows to reduce cost. These models allow simple and quick assembly of components for profiles or mounting rails. Depending on the model, they allow other ranges of rotation and deviations.

Key advantages

  • Easy assembly and 90ᵒ image rotation
  • Flexible adjustment of working distance and orientation
  • Robust construction out of anodized aluminium
  • Vibration proof
  • Resist displacement forces of up to 2000N
  • Adapts to any standard T-slot profile

The Colibri enclosure is the compact, economical enclosure for small cameras (with 29×29 or 30×30 mm cross section),lenses and simple applications without need for special accessories.

AutoVimation company also released a new product catalog for 2018 where you will find a variety of stunning new products.

For more information please contact the AVICON Sales team or visit product page.