New version of Picolo HD 3G DVI frame grabber

Due to component obsolescence, the Euresys company has brought significant changes to the design of the 1843 Picolo HD 3G DVI. The new card is compatible with the old one, it can replace the existing Picolo HD 3G DVI in all applications. However, it requires users to install the latest version of the Picolo HD driver. For that reason, the product code of the card has been changed to 1843-2.

  • The old 1843 Picolo HD 3G DVI is not available anymore
  • The new 1843-2 Picolo HD 3G DVI is available now>
  • It requires the following driver: MultiCam for Picolo HD Release 3.4, which will be available at the beginning of February
  • MultiCam for Picolo HD Release 3.4 (and later) will support both models, 1843 and 1843-2

The Euresys company is a leading supplier of video acquisition and processing components for machine vision and video surveillance applications, with more than 20 years of imaging expertise.

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