Opto Engineering offers a complete line-up of products designed to fit 4k linescan detectors

The worldwide leader in telecentric optic kicked off with the new lenses series – MC4K macro lenses and TC4K telecentric lenses – which are designed to fit 4k linescan detectors. MC4K macro lenses fit both 4k linescan cameras and matrix detector cameras over 4/3″, available in 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, 1.00X, 1.25X, 1.50X, 1.75X, 2.00X magnification factors, F or M42x1 camera mount. These lenses combine the unmatched resolution and the high degree of accuracy and reliability which makes them the ideal choice for the wide range of measurement tasks. These accessories stands out from the others due to theirs superior image quality and exceptional low distortion.

Additionally, MC4K macro lenses offer features such as optimized aperture (for each magnification, focal length is optimized to ensure the best field depth and image resolution) and easy front filter insertion thanks to the front M30.5×0.5 thread.

Outstanding TC4K telecentric lenses

Next to the new MC4K series, Opto Engineering offers TC4K telecentric lenses and matching LTCL4K illuminators, which fit 4k linescan detectors up to 28.7 mm, such as 4096 px with pixel size 7 μm and are available for 60, 90, 120, 180 mm fields of view, F or M42x1 camera mount.

These lenses are ideal for the wide variety of applications with limited space due to theirs compact design. They offer also robust and precise tuning of FOV phase angle and the best focus position. Dedicated CMMR4K mirrors allow 90° deflection of the light path for usage in tight spaces and easy integration.

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