Powerful Features in Basler dart and pulse Cameras

The human eye perceives images differently than a machine vision system. To make Basler dart and pulse cameras suitable for a multitude of vision applications, their features are designed to optimize image quality both for the human viewer who is working with a microscopy application, for example, as well as for a vision system in a factory environment.

Basler latest Marketing Note, “Powerful Features in Basler dart and pulse Cameras”, provides a detailed description of their integrated features – PGI, Backlight Compensation, and Anti-Flicker-Filtering – their default settings, and a selection of sample applications. Find detailed product information on both camera series on Basler dart and Basler pulse product pages. Want to know more about Basler’s new, proprietary PGI feature set? See Basler White Paper, “Better Image Quality with Basler PGI”, in the Download section of Basler website.