Save Space with Angled USB 3.0 Cables

The angled USB 3.0 cables make it easier to use Basler ace camera with USB 3.0 interface in applications with little space available for the camera system. 

The plug is angled downward by 90 degrees, reducing the space needed behind the camera for the plug to just 22 millimeters. Because the cable is designed to run downward, there is no need for bending as with a straight plug. This cable complies with the USB3 Vision standard in terms of locking screws for the USB 3.0 Micro B plug on the camera side. On the host side, the cable comes with a USB 3.0 A type plug without screws, a helpful feature if the host has multiple ports positioned close to one another. The cables are available in different lengths (1, 3 and 5 meters).

Still looking for the right USB 3.0 camera for your application?

Basler Camera Selector will help you find the right choice among our many Basler cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces. USB3 Vision-compliant cameras have major bandwidth benefits, effectively closing the speed gap between Camera Link and GigE interfaces. Their simple plug and play functionality and Vision Standard compliance make them suitable for industrial applications.

More information: Accessories for stable USB 3.0 systems

If you’re interested in other suitable accessories for a stable USB 3.0 system, please have a look at Basler latest Marketing note regarding “Accessories for Stable USB 3.0 Systems.” The paper presents a handy 10-point plan to illustrate the factors you should take into consideration when selecting USB 3.0 components.