SPECIM FX – hyperspectral cameras

The pioneering solution provided by finnish manufacturers is aiming for the most demanding applications in the Machine Vision realm. Innovational inspection method by analyzing the chemical composition of examined target ensures great precision and reliability. The contactless optical method makes the system non-invasive and offers 100% imaging coverage. Easy integration and overall robustness of the FX series make the series the perfect choice for industrial challenges.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Easily set up a new camera or integrate it into existing systems thanks to well-acclaimed MV standards like CameraLink or GigE Vision. Image acquisition data can be transferred by those standards to other units like robot manipulators, sorting machines or air jets.

Multi-camera support


Precise wavelength calibration of each FX camera ensures data is coherent between each part of the system and makes the integration part much easier.

Innovational functions


MROI function – (‘The multiple regions of interest’) enables data acquisition from the most important regions, reducing data bandwidth. ‘Region of interest’ can be further changed and tailored to the specific needs of the current system.



The latest firmware upgrades provided by SPECIM guarantee the system is up to date and ready to work in the hardest environments.



FX10 series is designed for industrial and laboratory solutions. This series works in a line-scan mode in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) areas like Vegetation & agriculture and Phenotyping.

The camera is available with Camera Link FX10 and GigE FX10e interface.

Great choice for:

  • Vegetation & agriculture
  • Phenotyping
  • Color & density in printing
  • Display & light source inspection
  • Food quality



FX17 series works in the NIR region of the light spectrum (900 – 1700 nm). The camera is available with Camera Link FX17 and GigE FX17e interface.

Great choice for:

  • Food & feed quality
  • Waste sorting
  • Recycling
  • Moisture measurement
  • Threat detection, Security



Perfect solution for applications that require speed and precision, equipped with a cooled sensor made in InSb technology. Robust and effective in industrial conditions. Just like FX17 and FX10, SPECIM FX50 works in line scan mode and is able to collect hyperspectral data in the Medium Wavelength Infrared (MWIR) region (2.7-5.3 μm).

Common choice for applications like:

  • Black plastic sorting
  • Geology & mining
  • Metal industry

SPECIM AFX hyperspectral cameras

The Specim AFX series cameras are based on the same solutions as the FX models but are adapted to be used in aviation applications. They integrate the GNSS / IMU system serving, inter alia, for geotagging photos and a recording computer.



Complete solution by SPECIM – HSI camera (hyperspectral imaging), powerfull PC and high-end GNSS/IMU unit is all provided in a small factor enclosure that can be easily mounted on different drone types. A complete solution for many types of drones. Spectral range 400 – 1000 nm, acquisition frequency 330 fps.

Great choice for:

  • species identification
  • water quality analysis
  • wetlands monitoring
  • GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite Systems IMU – inertial measurement unit)

Specim AFX17


To achieve top performance parameters for the most demanding tasks, the AFX17 camera operating in the 900 – 1700 nm range will be perfect. High acquisition speeds up to 670 fps and functions such as MROI (limiting the number of recorded bands) or CaiGeo PRO software compatible with commercial formats, incl. ENVI allows for quick data analysis.

Great choice for:

  • soil analysis – moisture, nutrition and fertilizer detection
  • advanced vegetation species identification
  • plant studies
  • forest fires detection

Hyperspectral cameras SPECIM FX i AFX

Wide variety of available solutions provide by FX and AFX series ensures top performance and robustness of the system in critical industrial areas in great performance-to-price ratio and easy integration process


Specim IQ is a portable hyperspectral camera that includes the features needed for hyperspectral data capture, data processing, and result visualization.

Great choice for:

  • badania roślin
  • analiza żywności
  • analiza w sprawie przestępstw
  • analiza sztuki
  • sektor zdrowia