Tattile is a company operating since 1988, dealing with the development and production of solutions addressed to the ITS and mobility market, as well as the production of cameras used in industrial machine vision applications. Innovation, focus on customer satisfaction and flexibility are the main values ​​that guide the work of Tattile engineers.

The Tattile company provides, among others ANPR (ALPR) and vehicle identification solutions, based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), which are able to meet the most demanding applications on the ITS and Big Data Analysis market. All systems are always created in accordance with quality standards, while remaining as cost-effective and reliable solutions as possible. Avicon mainly distributes industrial cameras supplied by Tattile. Our offer includes, among others TAG-7 series monochrome and color line cameras and TAG-7 SWIR line cameras operating in near infrared. Cameras can be successfully used in various print control applications, semiconductors, in the food industry and other systems requiring high-resolution observation of objects moving on conveyor belts.

TAG-7 SWIR series

TAG-7 SWIR is a family of near-infrared line cameras designed for advanced applications of machine vision. Thanks to the work above the visible light range, the camera is suitable for sorting, among others vegetables and fruits, and are also used in recycling.

SWIR TAG-7 cameras are equipped with an InGaAs sensor with a resolution of 1024px, adapted to work in the spectral range from 950 nm to 1700 nm. The matrix used in these devices does not have additional cooling.

The devices are available with CameraLink and GigE Vision interfaces (coming soon), and can perform image acquisition at a maximum speed of 40 kHz.

SWIR cameras, like standard TAG-7 cameras, are equipped with an internal FPGA system, on which simple operations on the image can be performed. The SWIR camera housings have been slightly elongated (their dimensions are: 62x62x52 mm), while remaining a durable and stable structure. As standard, TAG-7 SWIR cameras have a C-mount lens mount, other mounts are available on request.

Key information:

  • InGaAs linear sensors with a resolution of 1k
  • High speed: line reading speed up to 40kHz
  • CameraLink and GigE Vision protocol support (coming soon)
  • Internal FPGA for image preprocessing
  • Compact housing dimensions 62x62x52 mm
Resolution1024 x 1 pixels
TypeInGaAs line camera
Pixel size12.5 x 12.5 µm
Spectral range950 nm to 1700 nm
Sensor size12.8 x 0.0125 mm
Line Rate40 KHz
SynchronizationWyzwalanie zewnętrzne/Free run
Digital inputs3 RS422 (GigE version only)
Digital outputs2 RS422 (GigE version only)
Lens mountC-Mount
InterfaceGigE Vision (coming soon)
Power+12/24 VDC
Energy consumptionb.d.
Intended operating temperature0°C-50°C
Dimensions62x62x51.8 mm
IP protection classIP40
EN 61326-1:2013
EN 62311:2008

TAG-7 series

TAG-7 is a family of advanced line cameras, designed to meet the requirements of modern vision applications in industrial applications. The cameras are available in 2k, 4k and 8k resolutions, both with GigE and CameraLink interfaces.

TAG-7 cameras are offered in monochrome and color versions. Color models are equipped with a two-line matrix with a Bayer filter placed on it. Monochrome cameras will be a better choice in applications requiring high image detail, while their color equivalents are recommended for applications where important information about objects is recorded in their color.

TAG-7 cameras are available with two types of interfaces: GigE Vision and CameraLink. The first option gives you greater flexibility, thanks to simple integration with virtually any GigE-compatible computer, as well as the possibility of using cameras with cables up to several dozen meters long. TAG-7 CameraLink enables to achieve much higher image transfer speeds (depending on the resolution, the difference can be even several times a plus), but they require a computer equipped with a frame grabber with a Camera Link interface. Camera Link cameras support both Base, Medium, Full and 80-bit modes and provide PoCL (Power over Camera Link) support for easier cabling.

All cameras are equipped with an internal FPGA chip, which allows you to adjust the operation of the cameras to any application. On the FPGA chip are kept, among others camera settings information and basic image operations are performed, freeing up resources on the host computer. The TAG-7 series of cameras is characterized by compact dimensions (all cameras – 62x62x28.9 mm) and a durable and stable industrial housing. The compact design and various mounting options allow easy integration into existing and new production lines and machines, especially in the case of multi-camera systems.

Key information:

  • Linear CMOS matrices with a resolution from 2K to 8K, monochrome and color
  • High speed: line reading speed up to 80kHz
  • Support for GigE Vision and CameraLink protocols
  • Internal FPGA for image preprocessing
  • Compact size 62x62x28.9 mm
GigE Line Rate49 kHz24 kHz12 kHz24 kHz12 kHz
CLink Line Rate80 kHz80 kHz
SensorCMOS AwaibaCMOS Awaiba
Pixel size [µm]7 x 77 x 73.5 x 3.57 x 77 x 7
Pixel depth8 / 10 / 12 bit
FPGAAltera Cyclone IV 40K LEs

Lens mount
F-mount, C-mount M42, M72 [* other mounts available on request]

External trigger / Free run

Digital inputs
3 RS422 (GigE version only)
Digital outputs2 RS422 (GigE version only)
Power+12/24 VDC
PoCL (CameraLink version only)
Energy consumption3.6W
Dimensions62x62x28.9 mm
CertificatesCE, RoHS

Sample applications

  • Print control
  • Sorting and optical sorters
  • Sorting industry
  • Ceramics
  • Semiconductor inspection

Tattile line cameras in Avicon’s offer

Line cameras provided by Tattile perfectly fit into the offer of our company’s vision components. A particularly important point is the availability of standard GigE Vision-compliant color line cameras. These devices, thanks to their versatility, are used in numerous control systems in the food, printing and semiconductor industries. An interesting solution are also SWIR line cameras, which, despite advanced technologies, are available at a low, very competitive price. We invite you to submit inquiries for both the delivery of the components themselves and the complete turnkey vision systems.