The autoVimation construction kit for flexible laboratory setups

autoVimation is presenting construction kit for flexible laboratory setups. This set is a great solution in prototyping process, thus it indirectly allows to reduce cost.

At a glance:

  • simple, fast and flexible setups of image processing components laboratory tests or “proof of concept” at the client’s facility,
  • even large illuminations and lenses are held securely, exactly positioned and aligned,
  • all parts are re-usable and flexible to use,
  • the dovetail profiles, mounting clamps and brackets enable flexible configurations,
  • robust rotation, tilt and ball joints offer maximum flexibility combined with unbeatable stability,
  • universal camera / lighting fixtures and laser mounts enable inexpensive test setups with prefabricated parts,
  • after successful tests, you can use the existing parts for the final installation on site with only a few changes,

autoVimation is a leading supplier of protective camera enclosures and an extensive range of accessories that allows to use MV-systems in virtually any environment.

For more information please contact AVICON Sales Team or visit autoVimation website.