The new Nautilus enclosure

Based on many inquiries about underwater enclosures, especially swimming pool applications, AutoVimation redesigned the Nautilus enclosure designed 5 years ago and launched the new Nautilus enclosure.

As improvement towards the first Nautilus enclosure which was used for instance for the German TV-Show “Wetten Dass”, a “dual seal system” has been designed in order to keep enclosure water tight even if one seal fails. The challenge is not to make the enclosures water tight – they all are. The challenge is to allow robust operation by non-technical stuff in a swimming pool or TV-production environment.

Reliable protection for your IP68 camera

Designed especially for HDTV cameras during underwater shooting, the AutoVimation Nautilus provides reliable protection. Thanks to double O-ring seals the units ensure absolute water tightness for up to 12 hours at a maximum depth of 10m. The protective housing is designed in a way that allows assembly without tools and installation by untrained personnel. The protective metal hose with a PVC coating and suitable cable glands ensures that the cable and cable exits are safely sealed against chlorine water or seawater. The combination of a protective hose and special cable glands were successfully tested up to 10bar (equals 100m water depth). Special sealing at the cable exit and additional seals on the individual cables ensure no water can enter the housing. The AutoVimation Nautilus protective housing is suitable for all cameras with a maximum cross section of 60x60mm or HDTV camera heads with aperture control.

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