Time-of-Flight Cameras at a Glance

Time-of-Flight cameras are still a fairly new and complex technology for many users but they offer numerous advantages. In Basler’s infographic, there is an overview of these advantages, explain the technology and offer a forecast on the market of the future.

Have a look at the ToF infographic here.

You can find more information about Time-of-Flight technology and other 3D camera processes in Basler’s White Papers High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Camera and 2D or 3D camera? Which 3D Camera Technology Is Right For Your Application? or at FAQ page.

You can find more information on 3D and Time-of-Flight cameras in the Vision Campus. The wideo “What is Time-of-Flight?” shows exactly how Time-of-Flight cameras work and which applications use Time-of-Flight technology. The article “Robots that Can See in Three Dimensions — How 3D Will Improve Industrial Machine Vision” describes various 3D processes and how they are applied in Vision Technology.