Feel free to browse through our selected turnkey system application examples as proof of our technical competence. Please feel free to contact us if you do not find your application we’d be more than happy to talk about it with you.

Ever since our foundation in 2004, we’ve been serving with comprehensive machine vision turnkey solutions tailored to the individual needs of the customers. These solutions feature 100% visual inspection of products, enable customers to react instantly to manufacturing errors or flaws, and give quantitative measures of long-term process quality. AVICON provides two types of systems: on-premises, integrated into existing processes, and standalone test stations, either manual or automatic. They always feature the newest component technologies and provide top-notch performance even in the most complex and demanding tasks due to our close cooperation with worldwide vision component vendors such as Basler or Vieworks, to name a few.

Customer process

If you’re a manufacturer seeking quality assurance solutions, we’d be happy to talk with you. To facilitate these talks, we propose a standardized quotation procedure, that is specific to the machine vision industry.

The turnkey quotation process starts by defining key requirements our QC system must fulfil. We ask all necessary questions, discuss options and variants, learn your business, teach our machine vision vocabulary, create a mutual understanding of technical tasks to be performed. This entry step is followed by a quick budget. Quick budgeting is a safety valve of the whole customer process that makes sure we’re heading in the same direction in terms of costs and investment.

As we agree on costs, we’re happy to perform feasibility tests for your process or product. These may be performed either in our state-of-art laboratory (based on product samples) or in your premises, depending on details. They result in our feasibility study and accompanying final offer including all necessary prices, terms, and obligations for both sides of the project, including integration schedule and terms of warranty & servicing.

Vision capabilities

Machine vision systems are targeted to inspect 100% products, instantly as they go on the production line. Fast detection of manufacturing process flaws is a key factor to minimize or eliminate machine downtimes and loss of raw materials. It’s also a perfect tool for securing any formal quality requirements of customers. Technically speaking, vision systems make use of several basic measurement and identification tools such as dimension/gauging, orientation/position, presence/absence, size & alignment. These tools allow performing such tasks as label presence check, product assembly check, or coordinates measurement for robot guidance. 

As well as above, we have more sophisticated, high-level tools at hand such as 1D/2D/DPM codes, OCR/OCV, image-based object comparison.

Last but not least – Machine Learning tools leverage analytic capabilities way up for sophisticated inspection tasks such as plant growing check, traffic management, face and scene recognition, patterned fabric inspection, and many others. We also provide several additional integrating functionalities like visual archiving, statistics and reporting, integration with databases, and ERP/PMS systems.