3D geometry inspection

Gauging physical dimensions is one of the most common tasks for component production. Especially manual manufacturing processes can benefit from automatic finished product checks that verify the target characteristics of every item.

AVICON provides customized machine vision test rig solutions for advanced dimension gauging and 3D measurement across a wide range of nominal volume – from a few millimeters up to more than 1 meter in size of an object. Our test rigs are adaptable to either manipulator or robot feed with special regard to physical clearances and collisions with optical setup.

AVICON’s technology for precise measurements is based on multiple calibrated cameras setup and special structural illumination. It provides practically stress-free and contactless verification of completeness, angular and linear datums, and measures and deviations from nominal shape. An exemplary application for measuring oven heaters reaches accuracies of +-0.3mm within an entire volume of 0.8×0.8×0.2m, preserving a perfect price to performance ratio of the overall system.