Read codes and alphanumeric markings at high speeds

The task of the system is to scan a foil web and then read 1D, 2D and OCR barcodes. For each use, the codes are changeable and unique. The system controls both the readability and correctness of the code, but also sends information to the integrated database, creating a full report of the compliance of the printed codes with the production order.

Web surface imaging is performed with the use of two linescan cameras (it works on the principle of a scanner collecting and folding the image line by line), thanks to which we obtain an image of 100% of the surface of the controlled foil with printed codes.

Web speed:more than 200 m / min
Web width:more than 1,200 mm
1D code width:from 25mm
The size of a single 2D code module:from 0.25 x 0.25 mm
Font height for OCR:from 4mm
Reading speed:over 45 pcs / s

The implemented control device is crucial for quality assurance in the production process involving large-scale printing of incremental markings.