Development of a colorimetric measuring device operating on area data

Project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development operational program.

Agreement number: POIR.01.01.01-00-1045 / 19

Project value PLN 3,684,463.80, co-financing amount PLN 2,729,757.32

Project description

The project involves the development of a prototype, hyperspectral, area-based measuring device for precise color measurement. It will be used in many industries that require precise color control. These are, among others, large-scale flexographic printing houses, manufacturers of plastic packaging bottles, paint shops painting elements used in car construction.

The applicant uses a linear hyperspectral camera in his solution. It provides complete spectral data for the entire measured product area. The linear hyperspectral camera is the equivalent of a large number of spectrometers (the planned camera offers a spatial resolution of 1024 pixels), observing one cross-section of the measured object. The spatial image is obtained by gluing successive lines of a moving object.

The key functionality of the prototype:

• Measurement based on data obtained from a line hyperspectral camera operating in the visible spectrum.

• Determining the exact color characteristics in any color space, in particular CIE Lab, along with information about the deviation from the correct value of the standard or the set value.

• Determining the map of color deviations and its analysis in order to correct printing parameters or classify the measured object as good or bad.

• A system of a mechanical traverse allowing to control a printing web of considerable width.

The applicant shall classify his product as new. According to the study, the state of the art does not exist on the market

a device that allows you to make precise area colorimetric measurements, allowing you to control the entire printed area on an ongoing basis.

Planned effects

The result of the project will be a prototype of a new measuring device tested under production conditions. It will allow you to confirm the key functionality of the device, communication protocols and the user interface.

The applicant plans to commercialize the research results by introducing a measuring device developed on the basis of the described prototype to its offer.