The project entitled “Sorting machine using 2D/3D machine vision technique”

Under Action 1.1 “R&D Projects of Enterprises”, Sub-measures 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises”

1 Priority Axis: “Support for R&D work”

Smart Development Operational Programme 2014 – 2020

The company implements a project entitled “Sorting machine using 2D/3D machine vision technique”,

co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Contract No.: POIR.01.01.01-00-0392/15-00

Project value: £1,178,621.37

European Union share: PLN 393 331.08

Project description

As part of the project, AVICON develops an innovative prototype of a sorting machine using three-dimensional analysis technology to more closely examine sorted objects while minimizing false detection. The sorting machine will sort bulk products, vegetables and fruits (fresh and frozen), granules, gel capsules, etc. The sortcriterion will be the color, shape, volume and appropriately defined defects of the sorted product.

In addition to advanced 3D analysis using linear cameras, the prototype of the sorting machine will carry out simpler sorting tasks, such as the only on color analysis or two-dimensional scanning. Examples of prototype applications include the search for dark spots on french fries, peas, carrots in cubes, maturity control using color analysis, control of the correctness of the stalk of strawberries, rejection of unwanted inclusions, polymer granules by color, control the shape of gel capsules. In particular, the three-dimensional analysis will apply in the food industry, when detecting french fries with volumetric defects, cherries with minor defects caused by mechanical damage, concocted breakfast cereals.

Project objectives

The aim of the proposed project is to acquire new knowledge and skills to develop an innovative prototype of a 3D/2D sorting machine using 3D analysis technology to more accurately investigate sorted objects while minimizing false detection. The project will ensure that a prototype of a sorting machine is created faster and cheaper by about 30 than competitors’ sorters. In addition, the project aims to increase the pace of development of Polish industry, thanks to an advanced sorter at a competitive price.

Planned effects

As a result of the project, AVICON will introduce a new, innovative product in the form of a prototype sorting machine. AVICON has a well-established position in the video system market, and the implementation of a prototype that contains elements of video control will allow you to enter the new market using your knowledge already. The project will result in both the dynamic development of AVICON, thanks to the expansion of activities, as well as the development of knowledge and technology in the field of video quality control.

The implementation of the project will also allow for the dynamic development of industry in Poland, in particular the food industry, but also the pharmaceutical industry and plastics processing. An expansion is also planned for neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.