R&D activities

The next stage of our company’s development is research and development (R&D). Avicon is a beneficiary of EU development programs, thanks to which it obtains funds for the development and introduction of new technologies to the Polish market.

Avicon research and development activities include technologies that can be applied to industrial production automation systems, test stands and new products. The team has the competence and experience in a wide range of performed works:

  • Design and implementation of advanced imaging systems in a wide range of wavelengths: from UV radiation, through infrared, to the thermal range. Our laboratories are equipped with hyperspectral cameras allowing for research in the range of 400 nm-1600 nm and 2.7-5.3 μm.
  • Design and implementation of advanced image analysis algorithms, including the use of neural networks, machine learning, implemented on FPGA in order to obtain an immediate response.
  • Design and implementation of advanced electronic systems, microprocessor controllers ensuring nanosecond accuracy.
  • Design and implementation of dedicated illuminators: hyperspectral based on LED sources, LED stroboscopes ensuring a flash time of 100ns, implementing unusual lighting geometries.

We can boast of a number of completed Research and Development projects with a total budget of over PLN 8 million PLN.

  • Construction of a sorting machine using the 2D / 3D machine vision technique – a successful project. As a result of our research, a working prototype of a modular sorting machine was created. Our machine is able to sort materials in the form of small flakes/granules, making selections in terms of color, size and shape. The working prototype was presented at many industry events, including Automaticon or PlastPol.

  • Construction of a head for the classification of hyperspectral data in real-time with the method of incremental learning – a successful project. The hyperspectral head is the next stage in the development of sorting technology. The analysis of objects in terms of their properties visible in various spectral ranges allows, for example, to classify the materials they are made of. Hyperspectral technology is undeniably the next stage in the development of vision systems, representing the near future.

  • Development of a system for measuring and analyzing the dimensions of large-size products using 2D / 3D machine vision methods – a successful project. It assumed the creation of a complete measuring system, both for in-line and off-line implementation. It is the first Polish product combining Time-of-Flight technologies, laser triangulation and measurements using telecentric ray tracing. The device was presented during the Warsaw Industry Week fair.

We are currently working on new Research and Development projects that we implement in cooperation with the National Center for Research and Development.

Our laboratory

Thanks to our continuous activity in the vision systems integration market, we have a modern laboratory. In addition, support in the form of EU funds allowed us to obtain new equipment, necessary for the implementation of projects. We have our own hall in which we can simulate the entire industrial production line. Thanks to this, our clients have the opportunity to test our systems and make a decision regarding investment in new machine vision technologies.

Recycling and ecology

The development of new technologies resulted in Avicon’s expansion into the recycling market. Avicon takes active steps to develop a system for the classification and segregation of waste in terms of the material they are made of. Our experience gained during the implementation of the head design for the classification of hyperspectral data is particularly helpful here. We are in constant contact with the recipients of our systems and we try to update our portfolio on an ongoing basis in terms of changing market requirements. Our activities in the field of waste segregation have been appreciated and have led to the inclusion of Avicon in the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster – the Key National Cluster.