Avicon from the beginning of its existence, in addition to component distribution, deals with the integration of vision systems. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

The design process begins with specifying, together with the client, the requirements for control devices. After carrying out feasibility tests (on the client’s machine or in the laboratory on the samples provided), equipment is selected and quoted.

Thanks to vision systems, it is possible to monitor products on an ongoing basis. Rapid detection of irregularities enables early response and thus minimizes downtime and material costs. The AVICON company provides solutions for many industries tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Using vision systems, you can perform control, measurement and identification tasks. Both individual and continuous products such as plates, tapes and rollers can be inspected.

Typical control tasks include searching for defects (inclusions, discolouration, defects), checking the presence and location of labels, checking product completion, checking graphic and text OCV prints.

Measurement tasks include checking product dimensions, measuring orientation and position. Cooperation with industrial robots is also possible.

With the use of vision systems, it is also possible to identify products. Product identification can be based on reading 1D and 2D codes (also DPM – directly applied to the product), reading alphanumeric OCR markings or comparing a product photo with a previously created pattern base.

Our systems are installed both on the client’s machines as well as on independent stands designed by us. Thanks to cooperation with many suppliers of vision components, we can implement very demanding and complex systems.