An offer form for coloured line-scan camera to be collected in the visible spectrum

We invite you to participate in the contract award procedure for the supply of a line color camera for collecting images in the visible spectrum.


Lead time: Until end of 2020-11-30

Announcement #: 2020-172-18136

E-mail for placing quotes:

Contact person: Michał Ćwiek tel. +48 22 631 03 71

Shortened description: Colour linescan camera


Target of purchase: Camera will be used for acquiring high resolution colour images of objects moved over conveyor belt

Detailed description:

Colour linescan camera:

  • Linescan camera capable of 3 line sensor (red,green and blue channel)
  • Line resolution not lower  than 7000px
  • Scanning frequency not lower than 29kHz (at 7000px resolution)
  • Output formats: sRGB, eciRGB, AdobeRGB, CIE-L*a*b, CIE-XYZ
  • 85MHz Camera Link Full interface
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Operation temperature range – not less than 0°C do 60°C
  • A set of distance elements (20mm and 40mm) and adapter for M58x0,75 standard
  • A necessary calibration plate with 660 colour fields

Formal requirements:

  • The offer should include transport costs
  • The offer should be placed on the provided offer form
  • The tenderer must sign a declaration of lack of personal and capital connections
  • A contract for the delivery of goods will be signed with the winner

Criteria for evaluation of quotes:

Offer should be placed in PLN or EUR. Price in EUR will be converted to PLN basing on mBank sell exchange rate (valid on the day of issuing the offer).

Price PLN net– 80%

Power consumption – 20%

The quote will be evaluated using below equation:



O – evaluation of the offer

Cmax – the highest price within received offers

Cmin – the lowest price within received offers

Coferty – the PLN net price of the offer

Pmax – the highest power consumption in Watts within received offers

Pmin – the lowest power consumption in Watts within received offers

Poferty – the power consumption in Watts of the offer

Project ref #: POIR.01.01.01-00-0316/20