Cognex is a manufacturer of vision systems, software and sensors used in automated production to control and identify parts, detect defects, check product assembly or navigate assembly robots. These solutions are characterized by high quality of components used, compactness, as well as very affordable software that allows you to quickly configure the system to support one of many typical applications.

Advanced machine vision and industrial identification systems provide immediate streamlining of production processes, enabling products to be manufactured at higher speeds, without defects, and at lower costs. A wide range of intelligent cameras allows you to choose the right device for most industrial and scientific applications. Intelligent cameras are a complete vision system, including a camera, a lens, a processor and a light source. This combination means that these devices can replace traditional vision systems in many typical applications. The obvious advantage is also the compactness of such a solution – the whole system is only one device, not much different in dimensions from an ordinary camera. Configuration based on the “PC-based” vision system requires the appropriate arrangement of each element separately.

The wide range of products offered includes, among others: the well-known DataMan series, which includes high-performance 1D and 2D code readers. Advanced technology, computing power, modularity as well as simplicity of use make these devices an ideal solution for demanding production and logistics applications. The offer also includes the In-Sight series, i.e. compact vision systems, which have no equal in terms of the possibility of conducting inspections and identifying objects. These independent industrial machine vision solutions combine a rich library of vision tools with a fast image recorder and a powerful processor. The multitude of models available, including linear scanning products, meets most price and performance requirements.

Companies from around the world choose Cognex technology to perform tasks related to control, automation and inspection that people cannot precisely and consistently perform. Typical applications of machine vision, implemented with the help of intelligent cameras and vision sensors, are defect detection, monitoring of production lines, conducting assembly works as well as tracking, sorting and identification of parts. A unique global distribution and technical support network has enabled the delivery of more systems and the resolution of more problems in a broader group of industries compared to any other company offering similar solutions. Thanks to this, customers choosing the presented devices can be sure of long-term support and availability, as well as support in consulting and updating machine vision systems. The solutions offered help companies improve product quality, eliminate production errors, reduce costs and go beyond the expectations of consumers who demand high quality products at affordable prices.

The manufacturer serves international clients whose headquarters are in the Americas, through Europe and Asia to Japan, thanks to a global network of partners in the field of integration and distribution. The company’s headquarters are located near Boston in Natick, Massachusetts, United States.