An expert in the field of engineering

For almost two decades, Metaphase Technologies has been developing products that set standards in the LED lighting market used in industry, defence and the agrarian market. Metaphase solutions are not only the highest quality, properly selected LEDs, but also a flexible design that greatly facilitates the integration of illuminators in various types of vision systems.

The latest solutions

Metaphase illuminators from the MetaLightTM and MetaBrightTM series increase the capabilities of imaging and automation systems around the world thanks to many patented technologies that increase the uniformity of distributed high-bright LED lighting. Metaphase illuminators are constantly improved to include the latest available LED technologies, temperature management, optics and electronics. Metaphase was the first to implement embedded DC controllers in many product lines.

Exceptional quality and product variety at affordable prices

Technological design, durability and easy integration are the three most important divisions guiding engineers throughout the entire design process.

From the very beginning, Metaphase has been working with OEM partners to develop and modify illuminators to best suit the customer. Feedback from customers about product performance and technological progress in the field of LEDs, optics and electrical components leads to the creation of the next generations of products. Currently, the Metaphase portfolio includes over 4000 different models of illuminators in the basic version only.

Customer service

Metaphase is open to cooperation with the client in order to select the best type of lighting for vision systems. Metaphase’s reputation as a customer-oriented, technology-based company is constantly evolving, and product performance and reliability is the basis for solid relationships with leading global companies from the automation, integration and machine vision industries.

Made in the USA

All illuminators are manufactured in the USA at the company’s headquarters. Because Metaphase focuses on flexible lighting solutions that use the latest available technologies – production, research and development as well as technical support located in one place are a huge advantage.